LUX Architectural Panel™ is an industry leader in woodgrain, metallic and textured finish contemporary steel cladding and architectural products. Before going into detail about the LUX™ history, philosophy and our product line we should quickly summarize the benefits of LUX Architectural Panel’s™ cladding and architectural products. LUX™ offers numerous benefits over its competitors and truly stands in a class of its own:

o  Firstly, LUX Panel™ is an extremely good value and offers more features and higher quality than any other product at its price point.

o  LUX™ is manufactured in Canada and created out of a Galvalume steel product, meaning that you will not have to wait for weeks or months for your LUX™ order to ship.

o  Many cladding products ship in preset lengths, but LUX™ is unique in that it ships in custom lengths anywhere from 4? to 24?. This is both an environmental advantage and a cost saving one, as there is no wasted product.

o  LUX™ also does not require a minimum order – this means that we care about all our customers, from the homeowner doing a small renovation to the major builder constructing an office tower.

o  LUX Panel™ is extremely durable and requires no maintenance (maybe a wash in the spring!)

o  The high-quality PVDF finish means that LUX™ is incredibly easy to clean and does not fade.

o  There is a 25-year finish warranty on all LUX™ products.

o  Because LUX™ is made from steel it is non-combustible and has a Class A FireRating.

o  Steel also means it is impervious to insects and plant growth, such as moss.

o  Our finish and gauge of steel mean that it easily passes wind load tests, has a low expansion and contraction coefficient, and does not peel or warp.

o  LUX™ offers an extensive line of standard, two-piece and custom flashings.

o  LUX™ can be used as a soffit and our optional venting provides 8.064 square inches of venting per square foot.

o  LUX™ has passed numerous government and standardized tests for fire, wind, etc.

o  LUX™ has 37 woodgrain, metallic and textured colours as well as 19 solid colours!

Some LUX history and philosophy

LUX Architectural Panel™ has been growing by leaps and bounds due to the demand for its innovative and stunning products. As a brand, LUX Architectural Panel™ was born in 2015 as the brainchild of the team leaders of a successful metal manufacturer with 30+ years of dedicated industry experience. The LUX™ concept was purposefully engineered to satisfy a growing demand for contemporary architectural products, that could be made more affordable, durable and versatile through the use of innovations in

metal forming and finishing. LUX Architectural Panel™ has embraced a contemporary and visionary approach to its products, which blends a hybrid of the old school mastery of metal craft with the innovative and emergent technologies of creative culture. By this, we mean that we know what we are doing and that we are consistently manufacturing a quality product while also innovating, developing, and refining our processes.

Will LUX stand up to the elements?

LUX Architectural Products™ are made from 24 Gauge Steel Cold-Rolled (for strength), Galvalume coated (non-rusting), and finished with a PVDF paint with a protective UV Layer. PVDF Coating (polyvinylidene fluoride) which is commonly known by one of its trade names, KYNAR, is one of the highest grades of steel finishing coatings available on the planet. PVDF is well known for its ability to

maintain its finish and colour for extensive periods of time without chalking or fading. Designed to withstand extreme weather and atmospheric conditions, PVDF creates a thick film barrier that is highly resistant, even to solvents and acids. PVDF is the predominate choice when highest levels of purity and finish are required, and it can be seen on some of the most important architectural projects around the globe such as The Petronas Towers and Taipei 101. LUX Architectural Panel™ comes with a 25-year finish warranty as PVDF finishes have been a proven industry choice for over 40 years! This means you can expect any project in which you use LUX Architectural Panel™ to stay as beautiful as the day it was completed for years to come.

 LUX V-Groove™ Panels for siding and soffits

The LUX V-Groove™ is an innovative 4” and 6” wide cladding that can be installed horizontally, vertically, or in soffit applications. This versatile tongue and groove product comes in any length from 4 to 24’ and installs without the use of sealants or glues. The benefits of the LUX V-Groove are extensive and include ease of installation, venting for soffit applications, no exposed fasteners, extensive range of colours, and outstanding fire, wind and anti-corrosion ratings. The V-Groove is perfectly matched with a vast selection of trims, including the LUX Efficiency Series Trims™, which makes installation very quick and works with the panel to form clean and contemporary architectural lines. The LUX V-Groove™ has been installed on countless projects, ranging from small additions on residential projects to large scale commercial and multi-family projects.


LUX™ has limitless applications and because we are always developing and evolving we created the LUX Metal Craft Series™. The brilliant thing about our steel is that through time-tested processes and some innovative design thinking, you can create an endless array of products and custom applications. This comes at very little expense when compared to many other product types and it does not compromise the integrity of the product or finish. We have an in-house design team, who are always creating new

specialty products. We are consistently bringing unique and Innovative products to market like our LUX Random Plank™ Cladding, our versatile LUX Metal Lumber™ and privacy screens, our beautiful privacy fence, and a multitude of secret new products that will be popping up in the near future. Rendering features multiple new LUX Metal Craft Series™ products - stay tuned.

If you are looking for a modern cladding product with longevity, ease of installation, versatility in colour and form, then we are confident you will be extremely pleased if you choose LUX Architectural Panel for your next projects.