Although a relatively new product, PVC is quickly becoming the preferred choice over real wood in exterior trim applications in North America.  

Exterior trim is an very important component of a home’s curb appeal, as it provides an aesthetic and functional transition between materials, as well as much needed protection at critical moisture entry points. 


While wood has been the historical product of choice for exterior trim due to its relatively low cost, durability and ease of installation, it is susceptible rot, warping and insect infestation. PVC trim is able to replicate the look, feel and workability of wood but unlike wood, is able to withstand the harsh elements overtime and is virtually maintenance free.  

Since PVC trim contains no wood or other organic fibers, it is extremely resistant to decay, weather and other external elements. The product can be painted and cleaning & upkeep is as simple as using a wet cloth with mild household soap or detergent.  

PVC trim can also cut, routed, mitered and heat formed with precision based on a projects architectural and design needs and done so with the same tools you would use for wood.  

Complementary products such as specialty adhesives are available to bond joints & seal gaps and Cortex screws provide a hidden fastener system that make installation easier and without diminishing beauty of the product.    

Unlike wood, PVC trim’s closed cellular structure makes it practically impervious to moisture from weather and other sources. Plus, with proper heat sealed edges, it allows for even easier maintenance and greater protection from unwanted moisture even when installed in ground contact applications.  

Since PCV trim contains no organic material, insects, rodents and other destructive animals do not see it as a food source or nesting place. Other materials that contain even a small amount of organic material require regular maintenance and inspection to make sure they are not slowly being eaten away.   

PVC trim products are available in a wide assortment of boards, sheets, corners and mouldings and while it is easy to understand the benefits of this product over a wood trim, PVC is considered a premium product with a higher initial investment. 

However, the extra investment required for PVC Trim results in an easy to install, attractive, durable, low maintenance product designed to last the lifetime of a home. 


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