Today, we are bombarded with the term "Curb Appeal". From DIY design shows to your local realtors, the term "curb appeal" is everywhere.  So what does it mean?  Essentially, curb appeal refers to your home's first impression, or how well it shows from the curb. Your home’s exterior is an expression of yourself and it is the first impression people experience when they visit your home. With these important notions in mind, Mitten provides the opportunity for your home’s exterior to be as expressive and impressive as you desire it to be.

Achieving Curb Appeal

Start by taking a photo of your home from the street. Be sure to stand far enough away from your home that you can capture the entire landscape of your home. Next, take note of the items on your home that will remain – roof, deck, driveway, gutters, etc. These static items may significantly influence the color options available to you. For example, if you have a green roof, you will want to select a shade that compliments the existing roof color. Keep in mind the features and architecture of your home. Bright colors will call attention to an area while neutral tones will allow them to fade into the background.


Using Color as Accent

Thinking you would like to add a pop of color to your home but not sure you can commit to an entire home in Burnt Orange? Try adding a bold tone, such as Burnt Orange as an accent in your gables. Tie in the color by adding complementary colored shutters and painting your front door to match as well. If you are looking to add more flare, side your entire home in Eggplant but tone things down by adding Grand River Shakes in Brownstone, and trim your home in Brownstone gutters and fascia. For a truly polished look, keep your color pallet consistent by painting your front door and garage doors Brownstone as well.


Upload the photo of your home to Mitten’s FREE visualizing tool, enVISION it. Take the guesswork out of the color selection process and try different profile and color combinations on your home.

You can print your sample selections and also share your design with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

After you have identified a few of your color selections, be sure to obtain physical color samples and take them outside. People often make the mistake of choosing exterior colors while inside their home! Before making a final decision, look at your color options at all different times of the day.

Don’t be Afraid of Color

Use the tools provided to you to create outstanding curb appeal! Don’t be afraid to try something new. Our top selling color, Rockaway Grey is a great way to add rich color to your home. The forgiving neutral undertones allow it to work well with almost any color pallet. Use the enVISIONit tool today to try different combinations on your own home.